Human value after death

Is the aftermath repercussion of death is just laying incapacitated on splinters of wood n the person taking circumambulation around the body? In this carnal world, the soul will leave for the eternal abode but, will it be still affected by negativities surrounding around..? Will that be person be ever remembered or will be forgotten forever? If he’s remembered, then, why isn’t he remembered when he is alive? Is d gnome, “Out of sight is out of mind” still holds water or is it all about forgetting n moving on.? Does the human feelings like love, care, sadness, happiness, loyalty exists in this pragmatic world or it has got abated completely? Wondering how times change, how people change with respect to that. 😅


Be a rebel for a cause

The neurophysiological experience of satisfaction you get when you rip apart the shit out of the people and obliterate it completely and then you hand over the tag of “Slubberdeguillon” to those who tried to tag you with it once. The biggest lesson learnt in life, “No matter what, stand for yourself. Opening yourself to the world is somehow risky, as you will likely have to deal with haters–and similar kind of despicable people. You’ll be judged, irrespective of your nature and work. You will be judged anyway.”

But you know what? You shouldn’t care. Being “different” is hard and difficult. You have to fight conformism all the time. But this difference is what makes you stand out of the crowd. Haters are gonna hate. All are here to sit and watch, to get entertained. You have to fight your own battle, to each his own! So don’t let other people put you down because they are jealous, or because they don’t understand who you are or what you try to do. Kick them out of your backyard. Ignore them, focus and act on yourself. Spread love and peace, not hate

Pain of one sided love

Looking for the reason, why it had to happen to me,
I was already happy in life, why did God put me through this pain, I just can’t see.

Can’t find an answer, am still wondering why,
When, Why, How I am not sure,
It just happened in a fly.

Had no idea what lay ahead,
A beautiful feeling was waiting at the corner,
Had no idea the same road I go daily,
Would lead me to someone to bond forever.

I met him just for cure and never had a thing,
Sessions went by and he talked, on matters that he wished.
I never talked much, just responded to his talks,
I was just concerned about my health,
Never ever stared at his wall clock.

Over time the relation got easy,
I too got out of my timid shell,
Liked him as a doc and as a person,
But it was slowly casting a spell.

It was just one of his simple talks,
And my eyes got stuck in his,
Though I looked away before being lost,

My heart beat made a miss.
Now the same clock runs damn fast,
Now the sessions seem to end so soon,
Now my heart pounds out of my body,

Now I wish to stay a minute longer in that room.
Now those couches and that chair, those stairs and that clock,
All seem so lovely, all seem to be mine.

Now the same road looks so beautiful,
And I am always humming tunes,
There’s an unexplained joy in me now,

As I feel same vibes coming from you.
Still I felt it’s mere attraction,

Will be “out of sight out of mind” with end of sessions,
But God had planned beyond that,

One day as he inquired about my health as usual,
I looked at him simply to reply,
All got blank and I was lost,
As if my soul left me and rose to fly .
I couldn’t hear what he was asking,
I don’t know what I replied,
I could no longer feel my body,
I could no longer see anything that surround.
All I could see were his deep eyes, which were staring into mine,
All I could see were white clouds, floating all around.

I never felt that cloud thing ever in life before,

But it was something surreal, so magical and so pure.
It feels as it was just yesterday, each moment lives in me till date,
I try hard to get off, my heart is always in that state.

I cried and cried for hours wondering what’s happening and why,
Please God don’t trap me in all this, but it was too late to let go by.
I tried hard to shoo away all thoughts, I tried to lock my mind,
I fought with myself hard enough, all efforts seemed to defy.
I finally gave in, wondering, how I would go through this pain,

One sided emotions are always painful, and one has nothing to gain.
That day on, I could talk no more,
And he stopped talking too,
My eyes had said all for sure,
He showered rudeness all throughout.
He turned cold and indifferent,
Rudeness is all he had to give,
He was trying to show he wasn’t interested,

I got more and more submissive.
But still I felt in all that silence, our eyes did all the talk,
I wanted to say don’t be rude please,
I already am struggling with myself a lot.
I too don’t want to entangle in this at all,
I’m already fighting and asking God why,
Your rudeness is tearing me to the core,
My heart screams and I somehow hold the cry.

Each day, I enacted I’m fine,
Quietly going through the sessions,
But there were thunderous emotions inside me,
Guilt, embarrassment, pain and obsession.
Why do you have to be rude, I didn’t ever say a word,
There’s no place for emotions, in his heart so cold.
I just need a special place, or may be a special bond,
Or just respect my feelings, but you took me all wrong.

I could take no more of his rudeness and I decided to leave for good,
I looked him in his eyes and said I could come no more.
He looked through my eyes to read what he could,
But I just smiled & left that day, my eyes said all for sure.
Come for one last checkup next week, was all he had to say, I knew I wouldn’t come, or else never would be able to leave thy.

He’s on with his life as usual,
But I’m struggling even today,
Sometimes strong sometimes week,
Crying to myself each day.
I am just a gone patient and not in his mind near and far,
I still have those moments so fresh that time can’t mar,
Now I realize the vibes that I thought were yours,
Were actually my vibes coming back to me,
It tears me apart to think of it all,
Helpless and depressed, as could be.
I try to be strong enough and dig myself in work,
I try to keep busy, so you don’t linger on me 24X7.

I live you each minute, I live you each second,
He must be on his work, he must be on his way home,
I used to be with him by this time, I am still lost in my memory lane,
I wish to catch a glimpse of you whenever I see a model of your car,
I hope to meet you someday, if my luck is at par.

My tears follow me in markets,
In malls and parks and places,
They come out every now and then, the pain is just drastic.
Though you are just a few miles away,
I will never come back to see you,
You never respected my feelings,
Just showed cold attitude and rudeness all throughout.

I keep asking God, why having emotions is sometimes a sin,
I never asked for anything, I never said a thing.
Why can’t I get a chance to show him what I’m going through,
Why can’t I keep a bond that lasts a lifetime.

If you ever come across these lines,
And recognize me and realize it’s for you,
Please remember actions can be wrong,

But emotions are always true.
My actions were never wrong,
Nor characterless nor ever tried to entice you,
Had you not showed all that rudeness,

Even then I would just have gone quietly all through.

All I want to say is, we may not ever cross paths in life again,
You still will always hold a special place, in my life, my heart, my brain.
It’s tears again dripping, as this comes to a closing end,

Remember, emotions are never wrong, they are always God-sent.

Joy of working metaphorically

The joy of working is so “Ephemeral” that the companions who are so nitwits with feminate stratum dominate the subdue people. These kind of people lack the drive of working as a team, to support their juniors to reach the pinnacle. There will be on shrewd, cunning boss who will make you slog your asses off. Dreams of the subordinates thriving in their jobs remain as dreams only. How will the office politics ever get stopped? Will it or won’t it?


Don’t judge the book by it’s cover

The time when you try to enjoy with a new pack of amazing people and all of a sudden gets belittled by someone in a pejorative manner, that the words said by the person get etched in your mind. The words only make you veer towards the undesiring side of the person instead of pleasantary one. Question arises here, “Does anybody is authorized to slam someone publicly or is it ethical to pinpoint someone in front of everyone?”
Wonder, where all conventional decorum went when there was a time to clear things personally then publicly. Sombre situation is to get judged from a person who haven’t contributed much. Just hoping that the person bestow self with maximum contribution and prove self right. If someone’s efforts can’t be appreciated by you, please never depreciate because of personal dislikliness towards him/her.

In the name of religion

Apparently, the story becomes simply awry when you are perplexed about your allegiance and try to besmirch the country’s name in the name of “Intolerance”. How people manage to carry out such belligerent acts and still remain invincible causing cataclysm despite apostasy. Barbarians know no religion except for causing upheaval and spreading polarisation and radicalisation.


Mere thoughts

Manacled by the radical thoughts of being febrile regarding many aspects of life…And you just wonder is that the part of the tome of irony? Which aspect of life gets interspersed? Trying to wringe my head n get the literal catharsis in life…as to how irony had neatly ironed the tangible n intangible grain in our life. One day, we have to coruscate the possibilities  and achievements in life by continuously streaking the fact of what we suffered in the past🙈

Changing personalities

The modalities of a person changes so easily in today’s time that we get deceived by their suave persona initially and then are left with nothing but with a sense of doom n gloom, with the memories getting reverberate. That’s how a person tends to become reclusive vehemently with pangs of angst. “Emizione” need 2 be understood, not to be played with coz as d aphorism says “Splinters can never be fused back”.😊